endorsed by
the Lincoln
School Department

"Ensuring that every child has
a safe and nurturing school environment
is my most important goal.
WavesRI makes that possible,
and makes a difference in children's lives.
-Superintendent Georgia Fortunato

"...people will never know how far
a little kindness can go."
-Rachel Joy Scott


Inspired by Rachel's Challenge, the Lincoln School Waves Program was created by school secretary and former coach Rebecca Buontempo. Rachel Scott was the first student to die in the Columbine attack in 1999. Her belief was simple - see the goodness in everyone around you, and spread that kindness. Under Coach Becky's leadership the Middle School's Dream Team for Self Esteem has carried on that belief through acts of kindness for the past three years. Her passion for helping children build self-esteem and recognize the best in themselves is her motivation.


Waves Rhode Island is the Lincoln School Department's new program and hope for standing together to end school violence. WAVES stands for Working Against Violence Entering Schools!

As the Ocean State we can carry this WavesRI theme to our schools and communities. We hear about situations that arise from anger or aggression. How can we incorporate more good deeds and unselfish acts? Let's strive for peace in our schools, in our hearts and in our lives. Let the Waves Program flow through our state and schools and into the waters of others. Let us ride the Wave together by combining small gestures with great love. Read more here »


Let's unite to combat the tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut and honor the memory of the victims lost. Show your compassion and support to help end school violence by having a Holiday Tree in your school foyer with 20 angels, one for each of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary.

Ask students to write their codes of ethics in their English class and place them around the tree, showing the hopes and dreams in their hearts. Hopefully, less judging and more understanding will prevail - starting the chain reaction!

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